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Event Spaces

Ladoga Ridge Winery is committed to providing excellence in customer service and
hospitality. It is our pleasure to host you and your guests at our winery!


The following rental options are available at Ladoga Ridge Winery.

Option 1: Ladoga Room ( 30 guests )
Option 2: Large Gazebo ( 20 guests )

Option 3: Hearth Room ( 90 guests )

Option 4: Sunset Pavilion ( Up to 100 guests )

 Adult Venue
Ladoga Ridge Winery is a family-friendly
 venue. Minors (under the age of 21, infants and
toddlers included) must be accompanied by an adult at all times and  are allowed to participate in rentals of The Ladoga Room, The
Hearth Room.

 Alcohol
Missouri State laws allow only alcohol purchased from Ladoga Ridge Winery to
be on the premises. It will be considered a breach of contract if alcohol from another
source is found and your party will be asked to leave. In accordance with Missouri
State law, we will not serve any guest who in our sole judgment appears to be
intoxicated, nor will we allow any alcohol to be served to a minor at any time. We ID!
 Smoking on the Premises

All interior buildings including the Sunset Pavilion are smoke-free. E-cigarettes are not
allowed in these areas as well. Smoking is permitted outside only. Please do not smoke
near entrances and exits. We ask that you are courteous to other guests. Please use
the receptacles that have been provided.

Ladoga Room

(Our original tasting room)

Main Uses: Birthday parties, anniversary parties, bridal showers, business meetings.

Ladoga Winery Winter-21.jpg
Ladoga Winery Winter-16.jpg

Large Gazebo

Main Uses: Birthday parties, anniversary parties, bridal showers, business meetings.

Large gazebo_1.JPG
large gazebo with people.jpg

The Hearth Room

Main Uses: Wedding Receptions, Bridal Showers, birthday parties, Meetings, and Large Events

Ladoga Winery Winter-4.jpg
Ladoga Winery Winter-2.jpg

Sunset Pavilion

Main Uses: Birthday and anniversary parties, corporate meetings, reunions, rehearsal dinner

Ladoga Winery Winter-53.jpg
Sunset Pavilion (1).jpg

To book one of our Venues, Contact our Event/Rental Manager: Cindy

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