Large Gazebo

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Large Gazebo


Accommodates up to 20 guests. All guests MUST be 21 years of age. No exceptions. 


$100.00 + tax for a 3 hour period. This includes setup time. 

Must be fully paid in advance


The Gazebo may be rented during normal business hours during the months of May-October. The large gazebo is not available to rent during special events. 



Birthday parties, anniversary parties, bridal showers, business meetings. 



For pricing, availability, and any questions please contact Galen our Event/Rental Manager at Galen will be happy to assist you in booking your special event! 



  • The price is $100.00 + tax. Payment must be paid in advance to book.

  • The payment is not refundable if cancelled.

  • The date may be rescheduled one time if inclement weather or an unforeseen reason occurs.

  • Must be vacated after 3 hours.

  • A valid credit card number must be provided upon the signing of the rental agreement to cover any additional rental fees or any damages that may incur.

  • Additional charges of $50.00 per 15 minutes will be applied to the guest's bill, if the rental space is not completely vacated at the end of their rental period. 



  • You are welcome to bring your own food. 

  • Bring coolers to keep your food chilled as needed. 

  • Ladoga Ridge Winery is unable to reheat any food items.

  • Ice Buckets and Ice are available self serve outside. 


  • All alcohol must be purchased from Ladoga Ridge Winery, per Missouri State Law. 

  • We sell wine by the glass or the bottle. 

  • The host may purchase bottles in advance for their guests or guests may enter the tasting room for a wine tasting and then choose their own bottle or glass of wine. 

  • You may also choose to host the function and put all the drinks on your tab. 

  • Ladoga Ridge does not provide a server for the Gazebo Rental. 

  • We can keep the tab with a driver’s license and seal any unfinished bottles to take home for you or any of your guests. 

  • Current wine list, wine slushies, variety of beers, bottled water, and soda available for purchase. 

  • You are welcome to bring your own bottled water for your guests or at your request we will provide ice water. 

  • We are an adult venue and we do require ID and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 


  • Setup is included in the 3 hour rental .

  • Cleanup must be complete by the end of the 3rd hour. 

  • All trash must be removed OR we do charge a $50.00 cleanup fee

  • We will provide trash bags as needed. 

  • Please call ahead for seating arrangements, table sizes, etc.

  • A separate 6 or 8 ft. table will be provided upon request for food or gift items. 

  • Gazebo must be vacated by the end of your 3 hour rental. 


  • Table coverings, plates, cups, napkins, condiments, serving tools, etc. are the responsibility of the renter. 

  • All balloons or decorations can be tied to the railing (gazebo has two fans). 

  • Absolutely no confetti or similar decorations may be used. 



  • All guests in the gazebo must be 21 and older,  (infants and toddlers are included). 

  • We ID and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!

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