Hearth Room Hallway & Food Area

Hearth Room Hallway & Food Area

$75.00 + tax , No Minimum Alcohol

Available seating 20
The Hearth Room Hallway is available for reservations when the Hearth Room is not
booked for an event or reserved by someone else. Also during the period the winery is
closed for winter break
Reservations are available from 11-2 pm or 5-8 pm. Set up is 30 minutes prior to the
reservation. The hallway food area must be completely vacated at the end of the 3 hour

Minors are not allowed for Hearth Room Hallway Rentals

*Additional Charges
Additional charges of $50.00 per 15 minutes will apply to guest’s bill if the rental
space is not completely vacated at the end of their rental period.

All alcohol must be purchased from Ladoga Ridge Winery. The host may purchase
bottles in advance for their guests or guests may enter the tasting room for a wine
tasting and then choose their own bottle or glass of wine. You may also choose to host
the function and put all the drinks on your tab. We can keep the tab with a driver’s
license and seal any unfinished bottles to take home for you or any of your guests.
Besides our current wine list we also will have available wine slushies, and a variety of
beers. Bottled water and sodas are also available for purchase. You are welcome to
bring your own bottled water for your guests or at your request we will provide a large
container of ice water. Ice buckets and ice will be provided to chill your favorite bottles
of wine.

We ID and refuse the right to refuse service to anyone!

*Food Service

Ladoga Ridge Winery will store your food trays and set them out as requested for your
special event. Other food items must be approved by the winery in advance. All
tablecloths, plates, cups, plastic ware, serving tools, condiments, etc., will be the
responsibility of the renter.

*Alcohol Service & Other Drinks
Iced Tea or water in a large glass container is offered at no extra charge. Ice, sugar and
Splenda will be provided as needed. Coffee is available upon request in advance.

Other drinks including sodas are available for purchase in the Tasting Room cooler.

Outside alcohol is prohibited. Ladoga Ridge Winery will provide bar staff to serve our wine
and beer (currently 5 to choose from) to your guests. We sell wine by the glass or bottle.
Our wine list includes 10-15 wines from dry to sweet, wine slushies during the warmer
months and mulled wine during the cooler ones. Tastings are available for $5.00 (5 - ½
oz samples). Tabs are accepted by the host or guests during the event.
Bottles may be purchased to take home as well.

We can seal any unfinished bottle for take home purposes.
We ID and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!

*Decorations and Entertainment
The Hearth Room Hallway decorating is limited to tabletops only. Tablecloths and
centerpieces are allowed. Please check with staff for special considerations.

Only battery operated candles are allowed. No confetti or similar substances are allowed.

You or your caterer is responsible for cleaning up the food area at the end of the rental period.
You are responsible for cleaning up any decorating items, centerpieces, tablecloths, or
other items you may have brought with you.
The staff will clean all remaining areas including wine glasses, tabletops, floor, etc. and
empty trash as needed.

*Smoking on the Premises
Smoking is not allowed in the Hearth Room. E-cigarettes are not allowed as well.
Smoking is permitted outside only. Please do not smoke near entrances and exits.

We ask that you are courteous to other guests. Please use receptacles that have been

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Ladoga Ridge is an adult venue. Those under 21 (minors) are allowed only at specified family events and approved rentals.

Minor: Those under the age of 21 including infants and toddlers. 

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