Front Garden Patio

Front Garden Patio


Main Uses:  Bridal Showers and birthday parties

Availability:  The Front Garden Patio may be rented during normal business hours during the months of May - October.  

The Garden Patio is not available to rent during special events.  Please contact Lynn our Event/Rental Manager to answer additional questions pricing or availability.  

She will be happy to assist you in booking your special event!


Ladoga Ridge Winery is an all adult venue.  All guests must be 21 and older (this includes infants and toddlers).  

The cost is $50.00 + tax for a 3 hour period.  Renters may set up 30 minutes prior to the event.  

The rental includes tables and chairs for up to 20 people, and a 6 foot food table.  


Please call ahead for seating arrangements, table sizes, etc.
There is a view of the vineyards and a working fountain during the warmer months.  The rental fee must be paid in advance to book and is not refundable if cancelled.  The date may be rescheduled one time due to inclement weather or any unforeseen reason.  Renters may set up 30 minutes prior to their scheduled rental time.  Cleanup must be complete by the end of the 3rd rented hour. You are welcome to bring your own food.  Please bring coolers to keep your food chilled as needed.  

Ladoga Ridge Winery is unable to reheat food items.  Decorations are limited to tablecloths, centerpieces and a banner.  

All plates, cups, napkins, condiments, serving tools, etc. are the responsibility of the renter. 

All alcohol must be purchased from Ladoga Ridge Winery.  The host may purchase bottles in advance for their guests or guests may enter the tasting room for a wine tasting and then choose their own bottle or glass of wine.  You may also choose to host the function and put all the drinks on your tab. We can keep the tab with a driver’s license and seal any unfinished bottles to take home for you or any of your guests. Besides our current wine list we also will have available wine slushies, and a variety of beers. Bottled water and sodas are also available for purchase.  You are welcome to bring your own bottled water for your guests.  Ice buckets and ice will be provided to chill your favorite bottles of wine. We ID and refuse the right to refuse service to anyone!

We will provide wine glasses for you and your guests to enjoy your favorite wine during your stay.  Logo glasses make great gifts and are also available for purchase at$2.00 each.



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Ladoga Ridge is an adult venue. Those under 21 (minors) are allowed only at specified family events and approved rentals.

Minor: Those under the age of 21 including infants and toddlers. 

100 E Pope Lane Smithville, Missouri | | Tel. (816) 866-4077 | @ladogawine

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