Policies for Ladoga Ridge Winery


Must be 21

Minors under 21:  

Ladoga Ridge is an adult venue. Those under 21, this includes infants and toddlers, are allowed only at specified family events and approved rentals. 



Because of inherent safety hazards, permission is required from staff to enter the vineyards.


Tastings:  Tastings are first-come, first-serve at the bar.  Our bar can accommodate 10-12 guests for a tasting at a time.  We offer five,  1/2 oz samples for $5.00. Our logo wine tasting glasses with our city and state are for sale at $2.00 each.  We are happy to keep a tab for you during your stay.  A driver’s license is required.


Tasting Room Policy:  Our tasting room has very limited seating and space; sound carries.  Please be considerate of our servers and other guests experiencing a tasting.  For that reason we do not allow gatherings inside our tasting room larger than 10.  Parties are not allowed indoors during normal business hours.  Groups larger than 10 must call ahead for tastings.


Acceptable Forms of Payment:  Cash, credit and debit cards excluding Discover and American Express are accepted as well as local checks under $50.00 with an ID.  There is a $25.00 charge on any returned check.


Smoking: We do not allow smoking of any kind, including e-cigarettes. Smoking is prohibited in our Sunset Pavilion, Tasting Room and Hearth Room.  Appropriate receptacles are positioned outside.  Please be considerate of any guests around you.  

Alcohol:  Any alcohol consumed here must be purchased from Ladoga Ridge Winery.  We offer a variety of wines from sweet to dry.  Wine slushies are available year round.  Mulling spice heated with our Blackberry or Applevine wine is available October-March. We offer a variety of beers. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.  We ID!


Buses:  All buses must make reservations in advance. We do not allow party buses or buses between 3-6 pm on Saturdays or during events.


Pets:  Only service pets are allowed inside the tasting room.   Non-aggressive pets are welcomed outside.  Pets must be kept on a leash at all times per Smithville City ordinance.  Water is available upon request.  Please clean up after your pet.


Food:  Ladoga Ridge Winery does not supply paper goods, plastic ware, etc. for your food items not purchased at our business.  

Get in Touch

100 E Pope Lane Smithville, Missouri

ladogawine@gmail.com  |  Tel. (816) 866-4077

Ladoga Ridge is an adult venue. Those under 21 (minors) are allowed only at specified family events and approved rentals.

Minor: Those under the age of 21 including infants and toddlers. 

100 E Pope Lane Smithville, Missouri | ladogawine@gmail.com | Tel. (816) 866-4077 | @ladogawine

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